Cast And Crew:
Cast: Sanghmitra Hitaishi, Pushpendra Singh,Gaurav Lavaniya,   Sugna Devi, Nirmal Sapera
Directed & Produced by Pushpendra Singh
Cinematography: Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
Editing: Shweta Rai
Sound: Amala Popuri
Story: Late Vijaydan Detha
Art, Costumes, Screenplay:  Pushpendra Singh

Synopsis of the film:
“Lajwanti / The Honour Keeper” is a love story set in a village in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India. A group of women in their daily long walk to collect water recite songs and exchange words that reveal their hidden desires. But one day when a crazy dreamer whose only passion is collecting doves crosses their path, one of them, Lajwanti, starts a journey that will take her out of this closed world. She, who initially seems to be the most radical in her beliefs and for whom the sanctity of marriage is supreme cannot accept the group’s behavior towards her and abandons it. A new journey begins for her when she starts walking the long distance alone.


The silence and determination of the man with the doves becomes a curiosity for her and she decides to find more about him. But when the man does not show much interest in her advances she feels betrayed by her beauty and her dreams change from being driven by fear to dreams of courage. The veil starts disappearing and a new world opens to her. Will she overcome her dreams driven by fear to keep the honor of that man’s dream rather than that of the society?


Director’s Biography and Filmography
An alumnus of the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune and Berlin Talent Campus, he began his career as an actor playing one of the leads in Amit Dutta’s Venice award winning film ‘Aadmi Ki Aurat Aur Anya Kahaniya’. He then went on to assist Amit Dutta on his next feature ‘Nainsukh’ and the latest ‘Sattvi Sair- The seventh walk’. He has also assisted Anup Singh on his feature ‘Qissa- The ghost is a lonely traveler’. His other credits include acting in the German feature ‘Asta Upset’ directed by Maximilian Linz which has been selected at the 64th Berlin Film Festival and acting in theatre with Barry John on his Honey Trilogy.

Currently he teaches at the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. Lajwanti is his first feature film.

Ek Akahani ka Supatra or A Non Story’s abled character, Video Performance, 20 minutes, 2012.
Lajwanti (under production), 2014.


Director’s statement:

Indian Music follows the principle of repetition, a motion in time of an essentially circular nature. The film has been structured following the same principle in mind. Rajasthani Miniature paintings have been used as a reference for compositions. ‘Vastu’- architecture; ‘Roop’- form; ‘Chaal’ –movement; ‘Nazar’- gaze are the four main aesthetic principles around which the film has been developed. It is a film in ‘Shringara’ – of love and beauty. A well is not only a reservoir of water but also stories which people share while being there. The story thus arises from the well. It is a narration where there is ‘jhijhak’- hesitation to begin with; there is the ‘tayyari’- preparation to initiate it; there is the ‘smriti’ – memory which has to be evoked and then the poetry, the music, the tale flows.


I have also taken great care in using local people mainly the Manganiyar, Jogi, Tera-Taali singers and Kalbeliya dancers as cast and crew and thus engaging them in the process of the story itself. This has reiterated my belief that stories of the ‘other India’ also have to be made with the help of indigenous people themselves.


 Producer’s Biography/ies and Filmography/ies
The director and producer are the same.



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